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Our Guide To Choosing the Right Cutting Pan Size

20th August 2017 Cutting Boards

Like with choose the correct cabinet sizes for your kitchen, picking out the right cutting pan size for your zero turn mower is not easy. It requires some special industry know how and some guide research. To help you through this process I will supply you with all the industry insight you need and the checklist required to complete your research.

Space To Cover

Let’s start with one of the most important factors when deciding on the cutting deck, how large is the lawn you need to mow? The rule of thumb with deck size is that the large to deck size, the more cutting blades it can handle and therefore the more grass you can cut while moving in one line.

If you have a yard size generally greater than 2 acres, then I would recommend considering a zero turn radius mower at 46 inches or larger. At this size you will have two to three blades on the cutting deck and be able to cut a lot more grass.

Gates To Fit Through

Another important factor when choosing your deck size is if you have gates that restrict entry to your lawn area. How wide are these gates and how easy are they to adjust if you want to get your zero turn mower into the yard for mowing. It’s quite common for customers to adjust their gates to fit a larger mower in, especially if the pan is 46 inches or larger.