Different Types of Ceiling Fans for Kitchens in the Singaporean Market

15th September 2018 Ceiling Fan

Investing in a ceiling fan for kitchens comes with several benefits. You will have your energy bills reduced significantly since you will not need a lot of air conditioning. In addition, a ceiling fan helps in getting rid of smoke that accumulates after cooking much easier. However, there are different types of ceiling fans available in the market, especially ceiling fans in Singapore. If you are looking for a ceiling fan for your kitchen, below are a few types from around the world that you can find in the Singaporean market.

Ceiling Fan with Light

Just as the name suggests, this ceiling fan is fitted with LED lighting kit, which makes it possible to light up a room. Cooking involves using sharp objects such as knives as well as fire. Thus, it requires to be well illuminated not forgetting the need to keep it cool. This type of fan allows you to enjoy both the light and the cooling. You will find a variety of ceiling fan with light in Singapore such as Minka-Aire Artemis,   models, and Lucci Airfusion, among others.

DC Ceiling Fans

Another type of ceiling fan for the kitchen that is gaining popularity in Singapore is the DC ceiling fan. The best thing about this type of fan is that it is energy efficient. Its DC motor helps in circulating wind around the room as efficiently as required. The models also come with modern designs and styles that are suitable for any modern kitchen. The DC ceiling fans also come with optional LED lighting kit. Examples include the Airfusion Climate models.

Designer Ceiling Fans

Interior design ideas for the kitchen are coming up every day in Singapore and it is not different for ceiling fans. The designer ceiling fan is designed to match your elegant and stylish kitchen without compromising on efficiency. They are unique and you can easily find one that brings out your personality. Designer ceiling fans from Singapore have earned accolades from all over the world. Thus, you are guaranteed a good ceiling fan for your kitchen. You can find a good designer ceiling fan for the kitchen in Singapore including Acqua model from Mathews Fan Company and Diane Ceiling Fans.

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

The kitchen tends to be busy especially when cooking or cleaning. Thus, a ceiling fan that is remote-controlled is a good investment for you. This type of fan allows you to control the speed to allow the amount of air circulation that you need without leaving your working area. Remote-controlled ceiling fans also tend to be quiet and powerful compared to other types of ceiling fans. Some of the ceiling fans from this category available in Singapore are KDK U60FW and KDK U48FP among others. There are several types of ceiling fans for your kitchen available in Singapore.  The country is renowned around the world for having the best ceiling fans displayed in the different showrooms. Thus, choosing one from the above-mentioned types is a worthy investment. You can rest assured that the models in this market are powerful and efficient.