Tips for Using CBD in the Kitchen

11th November 2018 Tips for Using CBD in the Kitchen

With the multitude of benefits that it offers and countless positive testimonies behind it, the use of CBD, also known as Cannabidiol – the non-psychogenic component of marijuana that provides users with the soothing comfort that the drug is known for – for a wide variety of reasons has found popularity in recent years. CBD has been shaped into many digestible forms such as capsules, edibles and pills. However, CBD oil is getting more traction as anti pain oil for being a very customizable and multi-purpose form of CBD.

Previously, CBD oil was popularly praised for being an effective muscle reliever when rubbed on affected areas. Nowadays, CBD oil is used in cooking and baking. Though this sounds tricky and even dangerous, various accounts have proven that cooking and baking with the use of CBD oil is not all that difficult or tricky once you get used to it. In addition, CBD oil that is used in cooking still yields all the same benefits that it promises in its other various forms.

However, as with everything else, using it for the first time can prove to be a little tricky. Below, we have listed some important points, tips and tricks to help you use CBD oil in cooking effectively:

Refined or Unrefined CBD Oil

We'll start, of course, with the kind of CBD oil that you should use for cooking. What exactly is refined CBD oil? Refined CBD oil refers to filtered or decarboxylated forms of the compound. In general, the more refined the oil, the better it will work with your cooking. However, less refined oils have been proven to work better when the food you are cooking has stronger flavors. In addition, more vitamins and amino acids can be found in unfiltered CBD oils when compared with more refined versions of the oil.


Where you keep the CBD oil matters. CBD oil should be stored in cool and dark places because the chemical compounds that it is made of are, by nature, sensitive to light and heat. Exposure to heat and light renders these compounds less potent and, therefore, degrades their quality. Of course, you want to be sure that the compounds you're using are of high quality, so keep these points in mind when storing your CBD oil.

How to Use CBD Oil

Fully mixing CBD oil with your food instead of just drizzling it on top is the most recommended way of using it because this method produces the most flavor. In addition, constant stirring is required when using CBD oil in cooking so that the compound can be distributed across the food equally.

Because of what it's made of, CBD oil is sensitive to temperature. So, mind the heat when you are cooking using CBD oil as it evaporates beyond 320 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, keep in mind not to use too much, and adjust according to what your recipe requires.

More than that, have fun using CBD oil in your cooking and take your time familiarizing yourself with it.