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Steps to Remove a Wall Cabinet and Install Shelf Brackets

31th January 2019 Cabinet-and-Install-Shelf-Brackets

Wall cabinets in our homes are becoming outdated. Open shelf brackets have in turn taken over in our current generation. Many people are removing wall cabinets from their kitchen and replacing them with open shelf brackets. We must need to take help from piano movers Toronto because this is something which we can’t do yourself. The update of our kitchen is brought about by the need of modernized open shelving that creates an avenue for freshness.

The two types of outdated kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are of two types:

Wall in-built cabinets.

This is an old design of fixing cabinets permanently on the wall. It’s a design used in older homes. This kind of cabinets will require to be completely dismantled piece by piece. Hence, they can’t be reused once removed.

Screw-fixed cabinets.

These cabinets are pre-made units that are attached to the walls by use of screws. Hence, the newer wall cabinets are easily removed without destroying them.

Therefore, you need to know the type of wall cabinet you have in your house so as to know how to remove it out of your kitchen.

Steps involved in the removal of kitchen cabinets.

The following steps should be adhered to while removing the old fashioned cabinet units from your kitchen:

Removal of everything from the cabinet.

This is the first step done even before doing anything else. Creating this space prevents breakage of your utensils. You should create enough space around the cabinet to ensure nothing disrupts you on your progress.

Disassemble the cabinet unit.

This involves the removal of cabinet doors by unscrewing the hinges. This makes the cabinet easier and lighter to carry. If you’re removing a pre-made cabinet unit, attached it to support blocks to hold it as you unscrew it. Once its unattached to the walls, lift it down to the floor.

If your unit is permanently fixed to the wall, then you will have to dismantle it piece by piece. Use the hammer to remove first the front of the cabinet, followed by the sides.

Repair of the damaged wall.

During the removal of the cabinet unit, there is a high probability of damaging the wall. Therefore, you need to first repair the damaged walls before installing the shelf brackets. Patch any holes in drywall with spackling compound. After the spackling compound has dried, apply additional coats until the surface levels up with the rest of the wall surface. Sanding with a medium- grit sandpaper should be your last step.

Installation of shelf brackets.

While installing the shelf brackets, ensure that every shelf is fixed to the drywall by itself. This makes it strong since the unit is a bit heavy. Pre-made shelving is available in most home centers. You are advised to use solid-wood shelves as opposed to plywood and melamine. This is because the later are prone to sagging.

Mark the desired height of the shelf on the drywall according to your preferred height for the shelf brackets. Use a level line to ensure the shelf levels up with the same height. Attach the brackets in place and then attach the shelves to the brackets by using the screws

Having followed the above steps, your open bracket shelf unit is ready for use. Remember to have an assistant as you carry out the above task. If you can’t manage alone, don’t hesitate to hire professional removalists do assist you with the carrying and installing.