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How to Choose Deep Fryers for Your Kitchen

06th February 2019 Deep-Fryers-for-Your-Kitchen

Fried meat, fried potatoes, chips, fried fish, fried vegetables, they are all to die for. And you can easily whip them up with a handy deep fryer.

It is not common to find the best deep fryers in a home kitchen, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment especially if you’re into fried snacks or hosting parties. Whichever the case, you need a deep fryer that serves your needs and also easy for you to use. It’s a great way to upgrade your kitchen and your gastronomic experience in general. Your family and friends would all the more love hanging out at home with this indulging addition around.

When choosing a deep fryer, don’t take things lightly. To help you out, here are some factors to take not of when looking for deep fryers.


Before you rush and buy a deep fryer, think about the quantity of foods you will want to deep into the oil. Think about deep frying snacks when hosting parties-- that small deep fryer might just keep you in the kitchen the whole party. If you want to deep fryer larger foods such as turkeys or chickens or ducks, you will need large deep fryers that can hold the big birds.

There are deep fryers that have two to three deep-frying baskets. Multiple basket deep fryers are ideal if you want to fry different foods at the same time. Great for hosting parties too.


Deep fryers have caused many fires, especially during Thanksgiving dinners. A propane deep fryer is considered more dangerous than the other types such as an electric deep fryer.

Look for a deep fryer with additional safety features which make them easier and safer to use. Remember: oil and an open flame could mean a disaster.


Do not go for a big and expensive deep fryer if you are introvert who rarely have guests around. Choose the most affordable deep-frying equipment that serves your needs.


What you plan to use your deep fryer for also determines which type and size you should buy. Small snacks such as French fries or pickles can be fried using an electric deep fryer while a large holiday turkey will require a bigger deep fryer such as a propane deep fryer.

There are three types of deep fryers: electric deep fryers, deep propane fryers, and air fryers.

Cleaning and Ease of Use

Dealing with oil is a messy affair. You should look for a deep fryer with dishwasher-friendly features or one that has a good oil draining system. Deep fryers that are not washed for long form an ugly scene.

There are other factors that could help you out when choosing a suitable deep fryer such as urgency, individual deep fryer features, or accessories you will need to add. However, the most important factor you should keep in mind is safety. Do not burn your house or spend a fortune in a hospital just because of a dead wrong purchase.