Everything You Need to Know Before You Try Cooking with Cannabis Oil

16th November 2018 Cooking with Cannabis Oil

"The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach." This is true to most men. But, the same is also applicable to some women. So, it is important that you know how to cook deliciously.

In cooking, you need to try different styles and techniques so that there is a delightful twist every time. The last thing you want in your menu is to have it dull, so try to experiment in the kitchen and learn new tasty recipes!

For starters, you can use CBD oil, an oil that contains cannabis extract. CBD oil is an exciting ingredient in any dish since it is a rather unique ingredient. Plus, medical and recreational marijuana is now being legalized in many states. So before deciding to use CBD oil, make sure that cannabis can be used in the state where you live in.

Here is everything you need to know before you try cooking with cannabis oil.

Pick The Kind That Suits Your Needs

You can’t just buy a random CBD oil and try it out immediately. You need to establish first your purpose of taking marijuana, whether you want to use it to feel a head high or have a stoned feeling.

Since you are just trying things out, it is important that you consider the CB and THC content as well as how cannabis was extracted to produce the oil.

CBD Oil Is Perfect for Sweet and Savory Menu

You need to consider the type of menu that you want to try with cannabis. Basically, what fits best for it is a recipe that would contain a fat or an oil-based ingredient. Save yourself from the trouble of looking for what kind of fat you should use. Here's a tip; if your recipe includes butte, ghee, lard, shortening and other vegetable or nut oils, then you can proceed with your plan. It is important here that your recipe has an ingredient that can dilute the cannabis concentrate.

However, if you want to try a recipe that does not have any of the fats mentioned, you can actually still make a way to continue using CBD oil. You can absolutely use small amounts of vodka, rum, cognac, and anything of the like as these work well as the carrier of the said oil.

Another thing to take note of regarding your menu is that you can actually spice it up a bit to neutralize the bitterness of the CBD oil.

Preheating Is a Must

You need to preheat the fat ingredient or the oil that you would be using for your recipe. The temperature shall be at 160° F to 185° F. This would make the potency of the CBD oil stable. If you are using your favorite spices, though, there is no need for you to preheat.

Start from Small to Big

It is also vital that you start small. This helps you identify your own dosage. From there, you can then go for something big.

These are the important things to know before you try cooking with cannabis oil. Now it’s time for you to pick your recipe!