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Chefs Using The Marijuana Drug To Create A New Kitchen Culture

10th January 2019 Marijuana-Drug

Would you have believed that Marijuana has found its root in the kitchen? It is no longer a secret after a detailed review on payspi, a number of chefs infuse Marijuana into drinks and foods to give them better and unique tastes, and many are loving it!

Marijuana is legal in some countries while in other countries, it’s illegal. Where not allowed, restaurants have to prepare it while hiding from authorities that might cancel their licenses if caught. It’s basically the kind of herb that not only adds flavor to your meal but also makes you get arrested.

Many workers often use cannabis induced food to focus well on their chores. These are mostly professionals who work for long hours with intense pressure at work. According to Anthony Bourdain, most people smoke dope after work. Even chefs have to get high so as to prepare a tasty dish and not get easily tired. There has been the establishment of stoner cuisine restaurants established by chefs to feed other chefs after work. Therefore, drug use in the kitchen can promote the tastiness in the dining table.

The culinary culture has seen restaurants grow. According to Roy Choi, owner of Kogi Korean taco trucks, people attending band shows get high due to the meals and drinks they take as they enjoy live music. He says that the marijuana-infused meals are not a campaign for the use of cannabis but a culture within the kitchen that needs to be scaled up. Mr. Choi has opened up a restaurant whereby he serves his workers with marijuana to keep them up in the mood for more than 17 hours at work. For him, he has to smoke marijuana around midday before resting in the record store to refresh his mind.

Examples Of Cannabis-Infused Foods

Marijuana edibles are popularly becoming meals infused with cannabis. There isn’t any kind of food that can’t be infused with marijuana, but the most commonly infused meals are the brownies. However, this is mostly done in regions that have legalized marijuana. Deep fried cheese steak hot dog also stands out as the best marijuana-infused meal in most restaurants.

The Momofuku Milk Bar has created the cannabis-induced cereal milk ice cream. On the other hand, Greta food can is served without marijuana taking part in the kitchen culture. Those that don’t use drugs have found the burrito pizza breakfast appealing to them every time they visit Roberta’s restaurant.

Consequences Of Consuming Marijuana Induced Meals And Drinks

The following side effects may be experienced by users of marijuana-induced dishes when taken in excess:

Most countries are legalizing marijuana. This has increased the large scale manufacture of cannabis-induced meals. This, in turn, has led to the opening of new restaurants that allow marijuana to be part of their menu. Thus, modern interests in cannabis induced food cannot be halted at this age. Fake pee for drug test has been used by workers in countries where marijuana is illegal to escape from being detected to be using the drug.